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Review or Create a Data/HPC Strategy

In 2015 we've been working on a breadth of projects from compute intensive CFD to Genomics work flows to multiple data ingest points creating Big Data per second.

Your compute, storage and backup strategy from white board to switch on.

This is as much about gathering the right team and asking the right questions as it is about understanding the technical options. We understand the service and price options of in house vs cloud and marrying those where needed. You may have added wrinkles of standards to achieve i.e. ISO27001. Over the years we have helped many organisations from mechanical engineering, construction thru to humanities schools or weather organisations initiate, refine and deliver their strategy. Individuals in the team have founded or sat on National committees of different countries in the design and/or governance of their strategy for solutions.


Consolidating known problems into a solution to fix.

Where to start in the sea of competing and differing customer demands and those time pressures ? ​From data to information, a strategy, and managing the setting up of that solution. How to work out what you want and then how to achieve that in a timely fashion for a realistic charge ? You will probably have different different threads of needs and you own writing an inclusive strategy to satisfy each of them. At which point your next task is to work through each of your decision board 1:1's in preparation of the collective presentation where you ask for their approval. We can help you through that process of gathering, understanding, creating, presenting for approval and who can deliver it for you.