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Building an Organisation

2015 has seen these examples to be just as integral as which kit and at what cost:
new management coaching, new metric systems, workflow planning, new team structures, communication and planning...

Help your team grow into a productive or results orientated culture.

  • You may have either inherited a team or be building out what you have. We can help you go through a process to transpose what sort of results you want to see, with whom and by when. This may include new job descriptions or updating your hiring criteria, which will affect the culture in your team and department thus, a subtle hand is needed for guidance and planning. This may help if your group seem to be asking for regular direction rather than taking ownership and presenting out to you what should be three prioritised options for a their joint new approach.

Coaching from senior to line management.

  • For some, growing into a new role can be a matter of a little guidance.
  • Some need to see practical examples of where the role is now, actions, and metrics of how they wish the role and their personal development to progress - demonstrating to their management the new culture that is emerging. For those who learn by doing, it’s a more regular interaction as we work upwards from team management basics to planning outcomes for actions over 4 to 8 quarters.

Hands-on senior manager Operations and Sales Productivity to help your company grow and scale.

  • How will you achieve this years 10% cost reductions and 20% performance increase ?
  • Does the company have alignment on what success looks like and can it be measured each week/month ?